Say Hello To The New Most Expensive Listing In The U.S.: A $225 Million Mansion In Los Angeles

Casa Encantada, the 60-room home belonging to Gary Winnick (founder and chairman of Global Crossing, and who has previously appeared on several of Forbes’ Wealthiest lists) has officially come on the market with an asking price of $225 million, as the L.A. Times reported. It had been quietly shopped around in the same price range as early as 2013 (and was previously mentioned on Forbes), but now it is a public listing and outranks the Chartwell Estate, which was the priciest listing in the country at $195 million until this week (if you don’t count properties that have thousands of acres, such as the $250 million Mesa Vista Ranch owned by the late T. Boone Pickens or the $280 million ‘curiosity destination’ being sold by Discovery Channel founder John Hendricks).

Casa Encantada is a 40,000-square-foot home that dates to the 1930s when architect James E. Dolena, most known for his design of the estate built for Walt Disney and his wife Lillian, was commissioned to come up with a home that had an exterior Georgian-style with an interior that blends Art Deco with Moderne flair.,,,,,,Read More