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Sam Sidhu

Realtor, Social Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and helping to
establish NRI Business Network in LA area and…

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New iBuyer Program Wants Sellers to Have Choices, Control

Home sellers considering taking an offer from an iBuyer must weigh a tough decision: Take the instant offer (often receiving mere days to decide) or try to fetch more by listing publicly. Realogy,

7 Home Upgrades That Will Attract First-Time Homebuyers

There’s a common misconception about millennials being uninterested in, or simply unprepared for, homeownership. The statistics simply don’t bear this out: A analysis published in early 2019 found millennials accounted for more than 40% of all new home loans.

How Much Does It Cost to Build Your House?

The purchase of a home marks a lifetime achievement, a testament to the American Dream. The building of one, though, might exemplify the pursuit of the American Dream even more with the added personal expression involved in home design.

How to Invest in Self-Storage Real Estate

In a hot real estate and stock market, investors may be looking for new and innovative opportunities beyond the high-priced apartment buildings and buildable land.Self-storage facilities have the upside of being "fairly resilient through both economic booms and downturns,"

Is the Midwestern Housing Boom Getting Too Hot?

The heartland is seeing a rise in home sales and more buyers in search of affordability swooping in. That has prompted midsized cities like Boise, Idaho; South Bend, Ind.; and Columbia, Mo., to pop up higher on top-performing real estate markets.

How to Invest in Real Estate Using an FHA Loan

One way to make money over the long haul is to invest in real estate. However, investing in real estate can be tricky because you often need a great deal of capital to buy real estate – especially for investment.

SoCal housing market shows signs of life, with a caveat: report

Lower mortgage rates and a glut of inventory boosted the Southern California residential market in April, as home sales jumped nearly 12 percent from the month before.

Where a $1K Monthly Mortgage Is Most Possible

Median home list prices have been hitting a record pace—topping a $300,000 average in the United States, according to® data. The rise in mortgage prices has come with a higher median cost for home loans, which is up nearly 20% to $229,000, over the past five years.